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Why solar?


The cost of installing solar has never been better. The maturity of the PV industry has led advancements in manufacturing techniques and competition that have caused the price of solar equipment to fall to historically low prices. Layering incentives like the 30% Federal tax credit (ITC), allow many customers to realize a return on investment in about 8 years. Your new solar equipment should produce energy for the next 30 years making this a sound investment.


Fossil fuel-fired power plants are responsible for 67 percent of the nation's sulfur dioxide emissions, 23 percent of nitrogen oxide emissions, and 40 percent of man-made carbon dioxide. The burning of these fuels has many detrimental effects to the environment and human health.  The drilling, mining, extraction, refining and transportation of these fuels have had devastating effects on the communities where it takes place. Electricity produced from Photovoltaic modules omits no gases and produce no waste. 

Plentiful Resources

Maine has a huge solar resource!